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Friday, September 27, 2013

Nope, We're still alive.

Ahem, my sincere apology to all the visitors of GoEatout. All the while, we hire data entry boy and girl to search for latest food promotion, events and new restaurants in Klang Valley to update it in the website.

We used to build the platform ourselves and keep on adding new features to the website to benefits our community. The world is fierce, there are tons of similar food portals die in vain since we started in 2007. Our company slowly moving towards solution provider model that offers Internet marketing service, website design, Google Apps cloud solutions and recently selling solution of cloud based e-learning platform - Eliademy to Malaysian.

All the income of GoEatOut are generated from Adsense program and it's not even enough to pay for the data entry job. There are hosting fee and maintenance cost etc to be added.

As the founder of GoEatOut, I always have the vision to make GoEatOut better, or at least make it keep up with the latest technology like mobile phone friendly. Maybe just an excuse but Internet technology is changing to freaking fast! From native mobile apps to WebApps and now HTML 5 based cloud apps and so.

Without noticing, GoEatOut was kinda abandoned and left on automated mode where data entry girl just pump in new promotions and events from Monday to Friday, week by week.

Trust me, this is not what I have in my vision. GoEatOut is supposed to be a...well, I guess it doesn't really mater anymore if I disclose my idea now. It supposed to be a data sharing network. Allow me to explain further, you see, everyone is trying to build a similar food portal or informational network based website. i.e. "directory + social" but since then the directory site is dead and so do most of the social network sites.

GoEatOut is supposed to be a data center which stored latest restaurant and promotions detail. It is a community based with minimum corporate governance to update and correct the data to achieve data integrity and frequency. In other words, restaurant owners, eaters, local authority will be the one who update the data. Think is as Waze model.

On the other hand, this data network could be shared to different websites or applications in both directions, so that data is synced as a whole. Just imagine how to geo mapping company gather the map data and sell it to Bing and Google.

GoEatOut is not dead, I will never let it die. I just need more time to stock up bullets to achieve the ultimate goal of GoEatOut. If you happen to read this weird post and somehow feel interested in it, why not contact me via my company website?

George Lew



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