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Friday, May 25, 2012

The future of finding place to eat.

There is an announcement made by lately which they will cease the operation by 31 May 2010. Many of you may not know that the big guy behind this portal is Digi. was launched in February 2009 as an online classifieds service to web and wap users (“the Service”). Upon monitoring its marketability and mass appeal, we found it prudent to cease offering the Service. -
As one of the content providers to them, we're sorry for them. Yet this brought us another warning on web trend today. If you're a follower of western web cultural, you might noticed that many of them use Interweb rather than Internet.

Web versus Net.

It is simple to explain this term. It's like our earth to the solar system. There are many social communities live within the Internet. For instance, community who like to go eat out.

Back to the main story, GoEatOut is live for almost 6 years. It is still standing but we're looking a way to improve it. About 2 years ago, we started to explore to possibility to go for mobile platform.

At that time, Apps is blooming and developing an apps is not cheap especially there are less than 50 local developers who are good at mobile apps development. 2 years later, apps developers are everywhere but now people are talking about website as an apps.

If you're using Gmail or blogger from your phone, you should notice that you don't need to install an apps for that. Just go to the website and you will be viewing in apps interface.

This idea has save a lot of development time and cost and we're moving to that direction now. We will be bringing you the new way to explore good food in short future!

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