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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tips for Valentines' Day 2012

This year valentine's day is kinda being ignored by most Malaysian due to the combo festivals from New Year, Chinese new year and Chinese valentines (chap goh mei) in less than 45 days. I believe most of you already feeling the burden of your current financial status right now.

Side story, I read a news reported that Muslim are not allow to celebrate Valentine's day or any other related parties. I wonder if there's any special occasion that is for Muslim to celebrate or appreciate their beloved one?

This year might be a good time to do some home cooking to give your partner a surprise, especially if you're boy. Grow up :) Watch some Youtube video to get some ideas or if cooking is really going to kill you, I believe talking her or him out is still the wisest choice for you, haha :P

No worries, we have gathered all the restaurants (well, almost) that are offering special menu for the Valentine's day in this list of dinner for valentine's day. Just don't forget these tips went dining out in any restaurants:

1. Remember to book a table in advance especially if that is a famous restaurant.

2. Always wear smart casual or even with dinner jacket if you're dining in high end restaurant or those that inside hotel.

3. Malaysian hardly wear a tie. If you're going to get one, make sure that is a bow-tie, else you will find yourself having trouble to eat properly without making yourself dirty like a baby.

4. You may want to give the flower to the waitress in advance. Don't buy the flower only went people come over the sell you one. Not only that will cost you more but it gives bad impression to the girl.

5. Valentine's menu often takes time to be served. If you're ordering course meal, you might want to see if there's any food that he or she do not prefer.

6. Make sure you have the money to pay and don't drink and drive :D

Happy valentine's day~

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