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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let Us Help You to Promote Your Restaurants EFFECTIVELY!!!

Every business needs to do advertising especially during economic downturn or if it is a new establishment. If you don’t have sales, cutting expenses won’t help you much. You simply need a more COST EFFECTIVE way to promote your business nowdays.

Internet is always the best option provided that you do it the right way. There are hundreds of websites, blogs and social sites (facebook) to help you with that.

And you doubted: I have a website, facebook page, invited food bloggers to review my restaurants, it just doesn’t work well!

And here's my answers to you.

1. You need Visitors
There’s no point to have a website with no visitors and a facebook page with no fans.

We all know that advertise in the place with most visitors is the key to have a successful advertising campaign, and you probably also know that those sites COST you a lot, I mean really a lot.

Thus you go for inviting food bloggers to eat for free, begging them to write good things about your restaurants, search all over the Internet asking sites to list your restaurant’s promotion…and ended up in here reading this article.

We GUARANTEE you the Traffic in GoEatOut!

We proudly say that GoEatOut has the most niched targeted local visitors among all food related websites in Malaysia. When you're advertising for your business, you need to aim for local visitors. In fact 93% of the people who visited this website are from Klang Valley and that is 65,000 niched targeted visitors every month that we’re talking about.

Our website traffic is tracked by the most advanced program developed by Google Analytics team, feel free you ask a detail trafic report from us.

2. Consistency and Continuity
An article or blog post that appear for only a short period of time may only give you a sudden boost of sales but successfully business always knows to promote their business technically non-stop!

At GoEatOut, we understand continuity is very crucial in promoting a business. Once you have joined our program, you could updates your restaurant’s promotions, news, events and reviews without any limited, UNLIMITED! Best of all, you are entitled to the privileges that others don’t have: All of your listings are featured on the pages with extra 50% views and clicks!

3. Leave things to the experts.
GoEatOut is run by a group of Internet marketing experts who know how Internet works long before Facebook is born. The time and money you spent in Internet (trying to get people promote your restaurant for free) is definitely cost more than what you need to invest in GoEatOut. Why don’t let us give you a boost in the Internet? You are getting more than you can expect when you invest a small amount of money today. When you published a promotion in GoEatOut, here’s what you get:

  • Featured in GoEatOut and receive more than 50,000 views monthly
  • Featured in our Facebook Page with more than 10,000 fans and push them to your Fans Page!
  • Synchronized your restaurant details and promotions to our partners’ website like (Digi), Google Map (We’re Google certified content provider) and many other food related sites.

Still not convinced?

Look at it this way, compared to the money you're going to put on other Advertising programs over and over again. What media can promote your restaurant more than 2,000,000 views all over the Internet for LESS THAN FIVE HUNDRED? That’s a steal in case you wonder.

Call Us Now at 03-8994 9655 to find out more now!

P.s. Get ready to expand your restaurant online now! Nothing will be changed if you're just sitting there!

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