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Friday, December 17, 2010

GoEatOut had some hiccup before Christmas…

It started as a bad news. Starting 5pm till 10pm on 17th December, GoEatOut was very slow to load and our technical team received numerous sms alert on site slow issue. Unfortunately, due to a rainy Friday night, we were not able to fix the problem immediately until around 9pm.

This problem was due to a traffic spike in that period which suspected to be Christmas and weekend visitor boost phenomena. Although GoEatOut was not completely down, some search features were not able to use and pages were so slow to load…

The good news is, we have fixed the problem and the loading speed is back to normal and we also glad that more and more people are using GoEatOut to find places to eat and dining promotion. We believe site down due to too many visitors is always the good news!

Today, we’re one of the top sites in food and dining portals, it is impossible without your support and we want to take this opportunity to thank you! Merry Christmas! Oh ya, don’t forget to check out the lastest list of Christmas promotions, we have included more than 70 promotions for this season, enjoy and share it with your friends and family!

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