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Sunday, September 12, 2010

GoEatOut has a whole new look!

After more than a year, we have finally gave GoEatOut a new look. A major improvement in this new design is the coding behind. We reduced a lot of unnecessary codes and old school coding method and replacing with creative way such as one image CSS design like this:

Although there are still some limitation due to our core CMS platform, we are still able to reduce half the rendering speed compared to the previous design. (Averagely, we reduced 250Kb of page sizes).

This new design also aimed to reduce noises by taking out some elements and make the look much cleaner than before. This would help visitors to search for dining promotions and restaurant details in a quicker way.

Other interactive functions such as Facebook “Like” and “recommend” button were added as well. We will adding other features like “add to favorite” and a brand new map as well.

Please tell us what do you think about the new look! We’re excited to give you more and your feedback will help us make a better food portal for Malaysian!

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