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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Look for Malaysia Food Faster!

Over the years, GoEatOut received a lot of feedbacks on various aspects to be improved and one of them is the loading speed of the website. We’ve been struggling on the budget versus service quality and the unavoidable limitation such as the slow Internet connection in Malaysia and heavy latency to oversea server.

Without many options, we’ve been using a low budgeted semi-dedicated server offered by IPServerOne which is located in Malaysia Datacenter. Since then, GoEatOut is getting more and more visitors everyday to search for places to dine-in and new Malaysia food promotions.

This has made the old server overloaded so many times and that one of the reason we decided to move it to a more powerful, stable and secure dedicated server to cope with the increasing traffic volume each days.

There will still be some server hiccup in this early migrated period, do let us know if you found any errors or bugs when browsing GoEatOut.  We will be launching more features to make you to search for Malaysia Food easier and faster!

Thank you for your tolerance during the migration downtime. Feeling any page speed up? Drop your comment below!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Famous because of…

GoEatOut just broke the 2,500 fans line (although it is no longer called “Fans”). We wish to thank the support from the community and local medias. Without your help, we will be nothing.

Today, we’re proud to be one of the identical food and dining portal to introduce Malaysia food and dining places and latest promotions. For years, we have been very dedicated to provide up-to-date food and dining information to the community, to provide a more convenient way to explore for new food and places to enjoy our life – eating!

We’ve been providing Internet consultation, Internet marketing strategies and help them to monitor and updates their information to various websites, directories and social medias to help restaurants over the years. We’re glad that we are receiving applauses from foreigners as well as some success stories from our featured restaurateurs where we did help them a lot in especially getting more businesses and business exposure in the community from time to time.

We are famous because of YOU! not sure of keywords targeting or buying fake traffics or trying to fool the advertisers. Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are we’re trying to do when we comes to restaurant, sometimes it is hard for restaurateurs to understand or verify the valid information but we believe when the Internet market getting mature in Malaysia, Malaysian restaurateurs will understand what is real Internet Marketing and how it can really help business.

Started to sounds like an advertorial already :P Once again, thank you for your support! Introduce us to your friends and family! ( Opps I did it again :) )

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