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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Enable your Facebook Login in GoEatOut!

Having too many username and password to remember? It’s time to use Facebook Connect to manage your Web Portal Accounts all over the Internet!

Due to the high request from our members, We’ve finally implemented Facebook Connect in GoEatOut. Now you will no need to remember the username and password in GoEatOut! Moreover, since you will login from Facebook gateway, it is safer as you will no need to scare your account being hi-jacked especially if you’re using shared / public computer.

Whether or not if you have an account in GoEatOut, just head to the GoEatOut login page:


The, click on the Facebook tab, Connect Button and fill in your Facebook login in the pop-up windows and you will be redirected to this page:

If you already have an account in GoEatOut, all you need to do is enter your Username and Password of GoEatOut account and click to “Associate with User Account” link.


If you do not have an account in GoEatOut yet, you will need to fill out this form and click “Get an Account” link.


You will then receive an verification email with a link and random generated password.

Click on the link in your verification email and you will redirect back to the login page, copy the password and paste in the password field and that’s it! you are Connected to Facebook now!

* Please make your email address is correct and still active. Check your email spam / junk folder if the verification email does not appear in your in-box.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy MoonCake Festival 2009!

Not having enough of Mooncake? Let’s find out more Mid-Autumn Dining Promotions in GoEatOut!

Don’t forget to bring along your family to celebrate this special day! Just wonder if anyone still playing lantern especially traditional lantern. (It’s kinda killing the scene playing electronic lantern…) 

Happy mid autumn festival too all!

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