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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Broken Menu on GoEatOut Main Page.

Last Saturday, we did an experiment by changing the navigation menu to a user and search engine friendly Jqeury menu.

Throughout the transformation, there are few disturbances and it is fixed by the end of the day. However, today when we check the GoEatOut main page using Internet Explorer 6, we was shocked that it is not supported by IE6 and the menu is totally not loaded!

As 60% of the Malaysian Visitors are still using buggy IE6, we have left no option but to use back the old version of the menu. For those who are using new generation web browsers like IE 8, FireFox 3, Opera or so on, we apologized that we’ve to concern on the majority who left behind the age.

If you have friends that still using Internet Explorer 6 or below, please help them (don’t ask, help them do it) to upgrade their browser. This will not only help them enjoy faster surfing experience but a safer environment. Maybe also help to stop spreading the virus and spamming.

Update* We’ve finally fixed the problem. If you notice anything weird in GoEatOut, please inform us! Thank you!

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