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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to promote your restaurant in Internet?

From time to time, a lot of restaurant owners that I met are so confusing about the Internet. In fact, the Internet industry has grown so big and it is not as simple as building a website or a blog anymore.

Due to lack of governance in the Internet Industry in Malaysia, a lot of businesses have been cheated or having bad experience in the Internet. However, over the years this industry is getting better due to the influences from the media and politician. More and more business people are aware of the power of blogs.

And thus, thousands of blogs and websites being built without having a proper maintenance and updates which eventually lead to another dead site. The question is simple: Why spend a lot of time and money building a websites/blogs that has no one visiting it?

The rule of thumb in Internet Marketing is simple, it’s all about Content and Traffic. Your website/blog must have traffic from elsewhere then only it will has its value on it.

It’s true that there are a lot of directories or blogs that promote your restaurants for free but the fact is that you will not know the results and most of the time you are spending way too much efforts to get the little results. Worst, how are you going to inform them one by one when you need to update a new information?

Assume that your paid per hour in your restaurant  is RM15 and you are spending 5 hours a week to reaching out thousand of bloggers and free website to promote your restaurant. You will notice that you actually spending RM300/week in the Internet and that is not even calculating other hidden cost.

With the knowledge in Internet Marketing for more than 3 years, why don’t let us help you do all the hard works like updating your information and spread it across the Internet while letting you have more time focusing in your restaurant?

For more information regarding how GoEatOut can help your restaurant to make good use of the Internet in promoting your restaurant to the public, please visit the advertiser page for more details.

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