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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas! HoHoHo~ We're back! This time with tons of new lunch and dinner promotions from restaurant around KL, PJ and Selangor!

Ah, it's a sentimental holiday seasons. A good time to appreciate the time with family and friends. Pick up the phone and call your parents, siblings and friends now then arrange a gathering in a nice warm restaurants, that's the way of life!

Here's the list of Christmas Dinner Promotion 2013. Go ahead and find out more.

p.s. Think of your loved one. Don't drink and drive. Merry Christmas!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Nope, We're still alive.

Ahem, my sincere apology to all the visitors of GoEatout. All the while, we hire data entry boy and girl to search for latest food promotion, events and new restaurants in Klang Valley to update it in the website.

We used to build the platform ourselves and keep on adding new features to the website to benefits our community. The world is fierce, there are tons of similar food portals die in vain since we started in 2007. Our company slowly moving towards solution provider model that offers Internet marketing service, website design, Google Apps cloud solutions and recently selling solution of cloud based e-learning platform - Eliademy to Malaysian.

All the income of GoEatOut are generated from Adsense program and it's not even enough to pay for the data entry job. There are hosting fee and maintenance cost etc to be added.

As the founder of GoEatOut, I always have the vision to make GoEatOut better, or at least make it keep up with the latest technology like mobile phone friendly. Maybe just an excuse but Internet technology is changing to freaking fast! From native mobile apps to WebApps and now HTML 5 based cloud apps and so.

Without noticing, GoEatOut was kinda abandoned and left on automated mode where data entry girl just pump in new promotions and events from Monday to Friday, week by week.

Trust me, this is not what I have in my vision. GoEatOut is supposed to be a...well, I guess it doesn't really mater anymore if I disclose my idea now. It supposed to be a data sharing network. Allow me to explain further, you see, everyone is trying to build a similar food portal or informational network based website. i.e. "directory + social" but since then the directory site is dead and so do most of the social network sites.

GoEatOut is supposed to be a data center which stored latest restaurant and promotions detail. It is a community based with minimum corporate governance to update and correct the data to achieve data integrity and frequency. In other words, restaurant owners, eaters, local authority will be the one who update the data. Think is as Waze model.

On the other hand, this data network could be shared to different websites or applications in both directions, so that data is synced as a whole. Just imagine how to geo mapping company gather the map data and sell it to Bing and Google.

GoEatOut is not dead, I will never let it die. I just need more time to stock up bullets to achieve the ultimate goal of GoEatOut. If you happen to read this weird post and somehow feel interested in it, why not contact me via my company website?

George Lew



Friday, May 25, 2012

The future of finding place to eat.

There is an announcement made by lately which they will cease the operation by 31 May 2010. Many of you may not know that the big guy behind this portal is Digi. was launched in February 2009 as an online classifieds service to web and wap users (“the Service”). Upon monitoring its marketability and mass appeal, we found it prudent to cease offering the Service. -
As one of the content providers to them, we're sorry for them. Yet this brought us another warning on web trend today. If you're a follower of western web cultural, you might noticed that many of them use Interweb rather than Internet.

Web versus Net.

It is simple to explain this term. It's like our earth to the solar system. There are many social communities live within the Internet. For instance, community who like to go eat out.

Back to the main story, GoEatOut is live for almost 6 years. It is still standing but we're looking a way to improve it. About 2 years ago, we started to explore to possibility to go for mobile platform.

At that time, Apps is blooming and developing an apps is not cheap especially there are less than 50 local developers who are good at mobile apps development. 2 years later, apps developers are everywhere but now people are talking about website as an apps.

If you're using Gmail or blogger from your phone, you should notice that you don't need to install an apps for that. Just go to the website and you will be viewing in apps interface.

This idea has save a lot of development time and cost and we're moving to that direction now. We will be bringing you the new way to explore good food in short future!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tips for Valentines' Day 2012

This year valentine's day is kinda being ignored by most Malaysian due to the combo festivals from New Year, Chinese new year and Chinese valentines (chap goh mei) in less than 45 days. I believe most of you already feeling the burden of your current financial status right now.

Side story, I read a news reported that Muslim are not allow to celebrate Valentine's day or any other related parties. I wonder if there's any special occasion that is for Muslim to celebrate or appreciate their beloved one?

This year might be a good time to do some home cooking to give your partner a surprise, especially if you're boy. Grow up :) Watch some Youtube video to get some ideas or if cooking is really going to kill you, I believe talking her or him out is still the wisest choice for you, haha :P

No worries, we have gathered all the restaurants (well, almost) that are offering special menu for the Valentine's day in this list of dinner for valentine's day. Just don't forget these tips went dining out in any restaurants:

1. Remember to book a table in advance especially if that is a famous restaurant.

2. Always wear smart casual or even with dinner jacket if you're dining in high end restaurant or those that inside hotel.

3. Malaysian hardly wear a tie. If you're going to get one, make sure that is a bow-tie, else you will find yourself having trouble to eat properly without making yourself dirty like a baby.

4. You may want to give the flower to the waitress in advance. Don't buy the flower only went people come over the sell you one. Not only that will cost you more but it gives bad impression to the girl.

5. Valentine's menu often takes time to be served. If you're ordering course meal, you might want to see if there's any food that he or she do not prefer.

6. Make sure you have the money to pay and don't drink and drive :D

Happy valentine's day~

Monday, January 16, 2012

Experimental Food Post and Happy CNY

Ever since Facebook introduced social plugin for visitors to like the page they favors on external websites, numerous websites have been integrated with the like button in the page. Today GoEatOut created a page which is extracted from all the Japanese restaurants in Klang Valley to a single page together with the individual likes count.

This post featuring all the restaurants serving Japanese buffet and you can see the total number of like so that you will know which restaurant are the best as voted by the community. We believe this method will be the trend in future as people nowadays are searching for information in much quicker way and thus we provide this quick and clean evergreen content as voted by the community.

What do you think about the page? We're always welcome your valuable feedback. Let's hunt for Japanese buffet in the great year of 2012! Don't forget about Chinese New Year too! The year of dragon roarrrr. This year we have gathered a hundreds over CNY dinner promotions too, if I remember correctly, it's slightly more than last year. Happy Chinese new year and all the best to you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 and the year of Dragon!

The very first post in 2012! What have been keeping us so busy until missed out so many blog update? Well, we’re going to include more cities’ food and dining promotions this year. Although it has been off the schedule for quite awhile due to the complexity and sources issue, we will have more cities covered in GoEatOut very very soon!

Meanwhile, Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away and more and more 2012 CNY dinner promotions are published in GoEatOut. Go check it out to see their CNY dinner / lunch menu and pick the best value offer!

2011 was a tough year for us and we’re struggle to make changes to serve our community better. We now have more people searching, verify and publish the food promotions. It’s not easy to run a website in Malaysia without a big budget but fortunately we have been growing larger and larger thanks to the word of mouth of the community and your support! Thank you so much for visiting and using GoEatOut to find food promotions and restaurant in Klang Valley and other cities soon!

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